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    Please check back for updated Notices of Intent to Medically Separate

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    Please check back for updated Notices of Medical Separation

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Please Note: The following forms do not have any formatting functionality, including: spellcheck, bold/italics, bullets, etc. If you need that type of formatting in your comments, please prepare a draft in Word and copy and paste into the appropriate fields.

Performance Management Certification Forms

  • Performance Appraisal Certification Letter — organization unit letter certifying that Performance Appraisals for the FY 2018-2019 Staff Performance Management Program, which covers the evaluation period of April 1, 2018 – March 31, 2019, have been completed.

    • The Performance Appraisal Certification Letter should be used for all staff including represented and non-represented staff (99 - career, limited, and contract).

  • Performance Appraisal Audit Spreadsheet — Human Resources will send each organizational unit a spreadsheet with a list of staff members who should receive a performance appraisal. The spreadsheet should be completed and submitted along with the Performance Appraisal Certification form.

    • The audit worksheet is collection data for all staff including represented and non-represented staff (99 - career, limited, and contract).

*Word/Excel File Instructions

  1. You will be prompted to open the file with Excel or Word - click OK

  2. Excel/Word: with file open, select View > edit file > save as to your desktop > complete form

  3. Excel: follow the instructions provided in the Instructions Tab of the worksheet, enter your information in the Organizational Unit Tab of the worksheet

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