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Mandatory Workplace Posters Guidelines

In an effort to assist campus organizational units and departments in meeting the University of California’s obligation to post notices required by state and federal law, the following guidelines have been developed. 

  1. Posters listed in the Mandatory Permanent Posters for All Departments contain a list of posters that must be posted at all times.
  2. Posters listed in the Mandatory Temporary Posters for All Departments contain a list of posters that must be posted at designated intervals.
  3. Posters listed in the Mandatory Posters for Select Departments contain a list of posters that must be posted if certain conditions are met.

Actions & Responsibilities:

  1. Departments are required to download, print, and post all applicable mandatory posters where employees can see them in the normal course of business — such as break rooms or official bulletin boards. Please note that some topics have both state and federal posting requirements; each of the posters listed represents a separate mandatory posting requirement. Departments should also comply with any reporting process for their Organizational Unit and submit a Mandatory Workplace Postings — Department Certification Form to the HR partner in the organizational unit. 

    For more information on each individual poster, or to obtain a poster in a language not available via this website, contact the agency listed under the Governing Body column by clicking on the title. To download a poster, click on the title of the desired poster.

  2. Organizational Units are:

    1. Required to ensure, by a reasonable method, that all faculty and staff in their organizational unit have reasonable access to mandatory workplace posters.

    2. Required to submit a Mandatory Workplace Postings — Organizational Unit Certification Form to the Policy Analyst in the Human Resources department via DocuSign or by scan/email to no later than April 1 of each year.

  3. Human Resources will notify the campus of any new or revised posters that are considered mandatory and require posting.

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