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UCR Local Procedure 63:  Investigatory Leave

UCR Local Procedure 63 - Investigatory Leave
October 1997

    1. Personnel Policy 63 - Investigatory Leave
    2. Personnel Policy 62 - Corrective Action
    1. Supervisors have the authority to make decisions whether to place employees on investigatory leave. Generally, the decision to place an employee on investigatory leave should be made by the department in consultation with a representative from Employee and Labor Relations (ELR). Investigatory leave decisions must be consistent with the reasons for such leave as referenced in Personnel Policy 63: Investigatory Leave. If it is not possible to consult with ELR in advance of the decision, the department shall inform ELR about the decision as soon as possible following the decision.
    2. The length of time an employee is on investigatory leave will vary depending on a number of factors, but is primarily based on the amount of time it takes to fully investigate the charges. An employee will be kept advised of their status and the anticipated date when this leave will be concluded.
    3. Upon conclusion of the investigation, if no suspension without pay or dismissal action is taken, the employee shall be paid for the leave period. If a suspension or dismissal action is taken, normally up to 15 workdays of the investigatory leave may be without pay, provided the notice and employee response provisions of Personnel Policy 62: Corrective Action have been followed before the final decision to take such action is made. In unusual circumstances, this 15-workday time frame may be extended. If the outcome of the investigatory leave is dismissal, the employee shall not be paid for the period of the investigation.

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