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UCR Local Procedure 51: Reduced Fee Enrollment

October 21, 2009
Date of Last Review: December 2017

    1. PPSM 2.210 - Absence from Work
    2. Personnel Policy 50 - Professional Development
    3. Personnel Policy 51 - Reduced Fee Enrollment
    It is the policy of the University of California to provide a two-thirds reduction of both the University Student Service Fee and the Student Services "Educational" Fee when enrolled in regular session courses of up to nine units or three courses per quarter, whichever provides the greater benefit to the employee.  Full fees will be assessed when an eligible employee’s enrollment exceeds both nine units and three courses. In addition, any refunds due as a result of cancellation or withdrawal are subject to the limitations noted in the UCR Campus Standard Fee Refund Table.

    The employee and supervisor should discuss professional or career development objectives, review available opportunities, and determine applicable benefits. This discussion is particularly important if the employee's request for professional or career development opportunities is a recurring one. The supervisor and department head should review the employee's professional or career development objectives, the costs to be incurred by the department, and the impact of any absence on the department's workload.
    1. Eligibility
      Any regular status career employees who have worked six months or more and successfully completed probation; faculty and non-senate academic appointees who have worked at least 50% time for six months or more; retirees. Eligibility for University Extension courses does not require completion of the six- month probation period.
    2. Scope
      Programs for which a reduced fee is applicable include:
      1. Regular University of California, Riverside admission (Fall, Winter, and Spring) with the exception of self-supporting programs (e.g., Masters of Fine Arts (MFA), Executive Masters of Business Administration (MBA), Masters of Accountancy, Masters of Science in Engineering, Masters of Finance and Flex MBA.) 
      2. University of California, Riverside Extension.
      3. Concurrent Enrollment
    1. Regular Admission
      1. The employee must satisfy the University of California residency requirement; otherwise, the employee is subject to the full non-resident fee. A waiver of the non-resident fee will not be given.
      2. The employee must apply for admissions by contacting the UCR Admissions Office to obtain appropriate forms and information for entrance.
      3. Upon acceptance as a student, the employee shall complete an Application for Reduced Fee Enrollment form and return it to Central Human Resources.
    2. Extension Courses
      1. The employee must complete the University Extension Application for Reduced Fee Enrollment form and obtain the appropriate supervisor signature. This form also serves as the enrollment form. The form may be obtained from University Extension Student Services.
      2. Upon completion, the form should be returned to the University Extension Student Services office.
      3. The University Extension offers a 10 percent discount on one class per quarter. Not all classes are eligible for the discount. Contact University Extension Student Services to verify the courses eligible for the discount.
    3. Concurrent Enrollment
      1. The employee must satisfy the Concurrent Enrollment requirements.
      2. The employee may apply for Concurrent Enrollment by contacting the University of California, Riverside Extension.
      3. Upon acceptance as a concurrent enrollment student, the employee shall complete a University Extension Application for Reduced Fee Enrollment form and return it to University Extension Student Services.

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