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UCR Local Procedure 22: Probationary Period

UCR Local Procedures
UC Personnel Policy for Staff Members
August 2014

    1. Personnel Policy 2 - Definition of Terms
    2. Personnel Policy 21 - Appointment
    3. Personnel Policy 22 - Probationary Period
    4. Personnel Policy 23 - Performance Appraisal
    5. Personnel Policy 61 - Release During the Probationary Period or From  Limited, Casual/Restricted, and Floater Appointments
  2. SCOPE

    Professional & Support Staff (PSS)

    1. Probationary Period Duration
      All professional and support staff employees who hold career appointments shall serve a probationary period. The probationary period is completed following six months of continuous service at one-half time or more without a break in service.
    2. Probationary Period Credit
      1. An employee whose appointment converts from limited to career will receive credit toward completion of the probationary period equal to the time spent in the limited appointment provided that the limited appointment was in the same position with the same supervisor.
      2. If an employee holds multiple limited appointments, at the point the limited appointments are designated career appointments the employee will receive credit toward completion of the probationary period equal to the time spent in the same position with the same supervisor for each of the appointments.
    3. Performance Evaluations & Documentation Upon Completion of the Probationary Period

      Probationary Career Staff shall be provided with a written performance appraisal:

      1. During the probationary period (recommended to be at the midpoint of the probationary period)
      2. When there is a question concerning an employee's performance or conduct
      3. An employee who has satisfactorily completed the probationary period shall be informed in writing (optional template) of the attainment of regular employee status
    4. Extension of Probationary Period
      1. Under appropriate circumstances as noted in Personnel Policy 22.F, the employee's probationary period may be extended following consultation between the department and Human Resources/Labor Relations.
      2. Extension of probationary period shall be determined separately for each position in the case of employees holding multiple career appointments.
      3. Such an extension shall be for a specific period of time not to exceed three (3) months.
      4. Prior to the completion of the probationary period, the employee shall be informed in writing of the reason for, and the period of, the extension.
    1. Departments
      1. Timely evaluation of employees during the probationary period.
      2. Consult with Employee & Labor Relations when necessary.
    2. Employee & Labor Relations
      1. Provide training, advice and counsel to departments.

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