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Employee Service Credit Verification

Employment Service Credit

Employment Service Credit is used to determine vacation accrual rate and eligibility for service awards.

All University of California (UC), California State University (CSU), DOE Laboratories (DOE), and State of California service (including Hastings College) at 50 percent time or more is counted to determine an employee's total employment service credit. 

  • Periods of leave with pay, military leave, and leave without pay due to a work-incurred injury or illness are included when calculating length of employment service.
  • Periods of leave without pay are not included when calculating length of employment service.
  • If you are on pay status less than 50 percent time in a pay period, University Service credit is not earned for that pay period.

Verifying and Transferring Employment Service Credit

Employment service credit will follow an employee transferring from one UC location to another, but this is not an automatic process. Employees are responsible for requesting verification of prior UC, CSU, DOE, and State of California employment service credit to ensure an accurate account of their total employee service credit. Payroll and/or the employee’s department are responsible for the verification process.  Please refer to the Employee Service Credit Verification Guidelines, which provides detailed guidance on the verification and transferring of employment service credit. 

Note: Employment Service Credit does not accrue in the same way as, and should not be confused with, UCRP Retirement Service Credit. To verify your total UCRP Retirement Service Credit sign on to At Your Service Online and select "Retirement Estimates." Scroll down until you see your current years of UCRP service credit. If you believe that your retirement service credit is incorrect, please contact the Benefits Office at (951) 827-4766.

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