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Additional Local Procedures & Guidelines

Policy or Procedure Description: The following is a brief summary of the UCR policy or procedure. Refer to the document link as specific conditions and eligibility criteria apply.

Alternative (Flexible) Work Schedules

Alternate Work Schedules are a part of the campus Work/Life program and allow staff and departments some flexibility in defining when, where and how work is done. These resources have been developed to assist managers and supervisors in the administration of alternative (flexible) work schedules.

Approved RFA Earn Codes in PATH

Listing of non-exempt titles that may be paid a flat rate via Earn Code Regular Flat Amount  (RFA) in PATH. Additionally, the list includes titles required to be paid as Regular Pay or are discontinued legacy titles.

Catastrophic Leave Sharing Policy

Allows employees to transfer accrued vacation leave to another employee when a catastrophic illness or injury befalls that employee or the employee’s family member and the employee has exhausted all paid leave accruals. Certain conditions apply.

Conflicts of Interest in Consulting and in Contracting for Goods and Services

Senate Bill (SB) 1467 amends Public Contract Code and significantly restricts current contracting practices. SB 1467 imposes restrictions on the University's ability to establish contracts with current and former UC employees.

Disaster Medical Assistance Teams
PPSM 2.210 

The University is responsible to provide military leave when an employee is deployed to a disaster site as a member of a DMAT or when such service or training is called for by the federal government.

Diversity Statement

Expresses the importance of diversity and equal opportunity to the academic mission of the University of California.

E-Verify Local Procedure

Procedure for conducting online verification of identity & employment eligibility for those employees assigned to work on a federal contract/subcontract, which contains the E-Verify clause.

Exit Survey Local Procedure

This campus procedure is designed to provide guidance to managers, supervisors, and business partners on when and how to distribute the exit survey to departing staff members. The model communication is also available on the HR Forms & Documents webpage under Recruitment and Selection.

Family School Partnership Act

Prohibits discharging or discriminating against an employee for taking up to 40 hours off work each school year to participate in the school activities of the employee's children who are in grades K-12.

Fingerprinting & Criminal History Record Check – Campus Procedure
Applicable to Individuals with Unescorted Access to Radioactive Material in Quantities of Concern.

The U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (USNRC) and the State of California have entered into an agreement pursuant to section 274b of the Atomic Energy Act, which identifies additional security requirements applicable to those individuals with unescorted access to radioactive material in quantities of concern. This campus procedure is designed to ensure the additional requirements, specifically the requirements for fingerprinting and criminal history record checks, are compliant with the agreement between the USNRC and the State of California.

Limited Appointments

Establishes an appointment type, expands definition of career appointment, and allows for some probationary period credit, in certain circumstances, for employees in limited appointments that are converting to career status.

Nominating Staff for Emeritus/a Status

Emeritus/a status is an honor granted by the chancellor upon retirement of a University of California, Riverside staff member who has provided outstanding service to the university. This local procedure provides guidance on the nomination process.

Reemployment of UC Retired Employees into Staff Positions

UCR Local Procedure for the rehiring of UC retirees.

SMG — Five-Year LDA Process

This guideline describes the five-year senior leadership development assessment process applicable to all Senior Management Group (SMG) members. SMG members include Vice Chancellors, University Librarians, and Campus Counsel.

Supplement to Military Pay


Eligible employees include those who hold academic, career, limited, casual-restricted, contract, or per diem appointments and who are members of the National Guard, the Armed Forces, the commissioned corps of the Public Health Service, or any other category designated by the President, are serving on active military duty in support of an ongoing overseas military mobilization campaign are eligible for supplements to their military pay.

Telecommuting Procedure

Procedures and guidelines for work arrangements in which some or all of the work assigned to an employee is performed at a non-University worksite such as the home or in office space near home.

Smoke/Tobacco-Free Policy

All UCR-owned and -leased facilities, buildings, grounds and athletics properties are smoke/tobacco-free, regardless of whether or not notices are posted. The policy also applies to the use of any tobacco brand or corporate name, trademark, logo, symbol, motto, or messaging that is identifiable with any brand of tobacco product or company which manufactures tobacco.

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