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Employee's Role in the Annual Review

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To perform effectively, it is best to have a clear understanding of your department's purpose and mission, as well as the expectations and goals that have been established for your position. This information is designed to assist you in preparing for your performance appraisal.

Preparing for Your Performance Appraisal

 During the review period, you may want to:

  • Review the department's and organizational unit’s mission statements, along with their goals and objectives.
  • Review your position description and previous performance appraisals.
  • If written expectations and goals were established for the performance period, review them periodically to ensure expectations are being met and progress toward goals is being made.
  • Periodically solicit feedback from your supervisor regarding your performance.
  • Review your professional development plan to ensure that progress is being made.
  • Prepare documentation to be used in the performance appraisal process, such as the self-appraisal.

The Performance Appraisal Process

The performance appraisal process includes the formal documentation and discussion of an employee’s performance as well as establishment of future performance expectations, goals and objectives. It is intended as a means of measuring and enhancing individual and institutional performance. The performance appraisal process fosters professional development and career growth, determines merit increases, and meets internal and external demands for documentation of individual performance. 

Goal Setting

As part of the annual performance management process, you should set goals with your supervisor for the coming year. Your goals might fall into one or more of the following categories:

  • Improvement Goals – Goals established to improve performance in your current position
  • Development Goals – Goals established to gain skills or competencies necessary for personal/professional growth
  • Innovation Goals – Goals established for creating a new process, function or program; higher level of service

Please refer to the Setting Smart Goals guide for assistance in preparing goals for yourself. After you have developed proposed goals, you should meet with your supervisor and discuss them. Once you have come to agreement on your goals for the year, include them in the Goal Agreement Form. Plan to meet with your supervisor at least every three (3) months to check in on your progress and/or adjust your goals.


Employees should complete the self-assessment section of the performance appraisal form and submit to their supervisor who will complete the performance appraisal. The self-appraisal allows employees to summarize major accomplishments within the review period, list any educational activities accomplished during the review period, state goals/objectives, and provide an opportunity to address other issues. The self-appraisal also assists you in planning professional and career development activities, and in recognizing your accomplishments or changes in your assigned duties that have occurred during the review period. 

Tips for Preparing the Self-Appraisal

To assist you in preparing a thorough self-appraisal, consider:

  • Tracking your projects throughout the year
  • Recording your goals and related accomplishments
  • Seeking educational opportunities that relate to your goals and the essential functions of your position

Getting Started

The annual employee review is an important part of performance management and employee development. At UC Riverside, we have a consistent philosophy for recognizing and rewarding non-represented employees with a merit-based salary program.

Employees will begin by completing the self-assessment form and submit to their supervisor who will complete the performance appraisal. Employees should forward the performance appraisal form to their supervisor either electronically or hard-copy. 

At UC Riverside, we believe a merit-based salary program will help us incentivize and reward exceptional performance, and attract and retain the best employees. 

While only non-represented staff participate in a merit-based salary program, we believe the performance management principles should apply to all staff employees.  

This website has all the resources you will need to understand your role and the steps you need to take to complete your annual performance review.

Performance Appraisal Forms to Get You Started

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