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Call for Nomination for the 2018 UC/CORO Systemwide Leadership Collaborative

OP has partnered with CORO Northern California, a nationally respected nonprofit, nonpartisan leadership development organization, to offer an experiential leadership training program designed to enhance leadership skills and foster relationships, networking, and collaboration across UC.  

CORO is an important element of our overall leadership development strategy and serves to build a pool of talented individuals who are ready to step up to meet the future challenges facing the campus. This field study opportunity creates an alliance amongst faculty and staff to work on specific campus or medical center leadership initiatives. For more information about the program please click here.

Program Components

The UC–CORO program is a one-year program and  is scheduled to run from January 2018 to December 2018 (North and South) including graduation.
  • Twelve full-day interactive seminars held on various campuses, including Campus Field Exploration sessions which involve gathering information to gain improved understanding and appreciation of strengths and challenges facing campus leaders and departments
  • A two (2) day systemwide People Management Conference
  • Logic Study: Creating a culture of collaboration
    • examine the complexities of an organization or department
    • create understanding of the leadership styles in/of the group
    • establish the group as a framework of learning for participants
  • Home Teams: work groups throughout the session
  • Practicum: each participant identifies a small group within the organization to use as a laboratory in which to explore CORO tools

Overarching Outcomes

Enhanced leadership abilities through exposure to and practice with a broad array of leadership tools and concepts that emphasize self and group awareness, interpersonal communication and insightful analysis of resources and systems. Participants will demonstrate:

  • A deepened connection to peers and colleagues and an on-going network of leaders that transcends boundaries across UC
  • Increased confidence to initiate positive change and innovation across all levels of UC
  • Improved relationships between UC leaders; the beginning of a cultural shift across the UC system that will yield more collaborative partnerships

 Participant Nomination Criteria

  • The UC-CORO Systemwide Leadership Collaborative will be offered to 40-50 high performing senior staff and faculty/academic in two cohorts: North and South.
  • This leadership development opportunity is targeted for senior members of our campus community who have shown themselves to have high potential for contributing to the objectives outlined in UCR-2020
    • Any individual who is a direct report to the Chancellor, Vice Chancellors, Deans or University Librarian who meets the criteria and can commit to the rigor of the program.
      • The program is rigorous and requires a firm commitment of approximately 100 hours of seminars and intersession assignments. A group project requires an additional time commitment.
  • Selected participants will be notified of nomination in November. Following notification, participants will be asked to complete a nominee questionnaire along with pre-work.


Now accepting nominations: nomination deadline is October 20, 2017

  • Each UC campus is allotted a finite number of slots. A selection committee will make the final decision on the nominees who will participate from our campus at the end of October 2017.
  • Selected nominees and their direct supervisors are notified of their selection and the details of the program and confirm that they are able to participate at the end of October 2017.
  • Selected nominees are submitted to OP for final confirmation by the first week in November 2017.
  • Final confirmations from OP are communicated to participants and nominators once final.
  • Nomination Form
  • Self-Nomination Form
Please submit all nominations to Judith Abbey at by October 20, 2017.


Northern and Southern California cohorts will meet separately. Project presentations and graduation will include both cohorts.

Northern California Cohort Session Locations

ANR, UC Berkeley, UC Davis, LBNL, UC Merced, UCOP, UC San Francisco, UC Santa Cruz

Southern California Cohort Session Locations

ANR, UC Irvine, UC Los Angeles, UC San Diego, UC Santa Barbara, UC Riverside


The cost of the program is $5,000 per participant; which, to the extent possible, will continue to be underwritten by the Provost (faculty participants) and VC-BAS (staff participants).

  • All travel arrangements and travel related costs should be handled by the program participant and submitted for reimbursement from the participant’s department/campus using the established T&E process at the program participant’s location.

Additional Information

If you have any questions regarding the program, please contact Kimberly Allain, Director of Employee and Organizational development at or (951) 827-5073.

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