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Campus Structure

Be they from members of our administration, our faculty and staff, or even our students, the successful operation of the university requires the contributions of a variety of unique individuals.

UCR’s current leader is Chancellor Kim A. Wilcox, who assumed the post in August 2013. He is assisted in the day-to-day operations of the university by Interim Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost Cynthia K. Larive.

UC Riverside's administrative organizational structure features five vice chancellors whose offices oversee specific areas and who report directly to the chancellor. These are:

  • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Business & Administrative Services (BAS)
    Under the direction of Ron Coley, the BAS Unit provides cost effective and high quality business, support, and administrative services that are vital to ensure excellence in UCR's teaching, research, and public service; consistent with campus growth, enabling technology, and enhanced customer service.
  • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Planning and Budget
    The Office of Planning and Budget oversees campus-wide strategic planning, financial planning and analysis, institutional research and capital asset strategies. The vice chancellor represents the campus with the University of California Office of the President and all external agencies on financial matters. The Office of Planning and Budget is currently in recruitment for the vice chancellor position.
  • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research and Economic Development
    Under the direction of Michael Pazzani, the office gives UC Riverside faculty the support, resources and inspiration to do their best work — work that will impact generations. Other duties include providing UCR faculty and deans with possible research funding opportunities and facilitating proposal development.
  • Office of the Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs
    Under the direction of James Sandoval, the office oversees UCR’s large and diverse student-body and the more than 30 programs that provide resources to aid students' personal, academic and professional growth.
  • Office of the Vice Chancellor for University Advancement
    Under the direction of Peter Hayashida, the office enhances public awareness of UCR's achievements and generates financial resources for the university.

Independent from the other bodies is the Office of Campus Counsel. From advice in developmental policy to conflict resolution, the Campus Counsel provides continuing legal guidance to UCR’s leadership.

The Academic Senate serves as the representative body for the UCR faculty. By definition, all faculty are members of the Academic Senate, with officers coming from a variety of backgrounds across campus. The Senate is responsible for the selection and ratification of courses, admissions conditions and faculty members. The Senate also advises the chancellor and campus administrators on some of the most critical decisions made at UCR.

The University of California System

The ten campuses of the University of California system are dedicated to the fundamental missions of teaching, research and public service.

The Regents of the UC

The University of California system is governed by The Regents, a 26-member board, as established under Article IX, Section 9 of the California Constitution.

The board appoints the President of the University and the Officers of The Regents:

The current chairman is Monica Lozano and the vice chairman is Bonnie Reiss.

The University of California Office of the President (UCOP)

The University of California Office of the President is responsible for the general management of the UC system.

In concert with the UC Regents, the UCOP helps to guide the UC system along its intended goals. Janet Napolitano is the 20th president of the University of California and is responsible for the ongoing leadership of the UC system.

Mission Statement

Read our mission statement and learn about the principles that guide our university.

The Facts & the Impacts

UCR plays many roles. As a university, we help educate students to reach their potential and goals. As the only public research university in Inland Southern California, we are on the leading edge of pioneering research that affects the challenges each of us face daily. As a proud member of the Riverside and Southern California communities, UCR's impacts extend beyond just educating students, including contributions to the local economy and promoting positive growth.

Learn more about our campus, including the enrollment, diversity, and academic programs we offer.


UC Riverside has received recognition in many national and international rankings, including:

  • Washington Monthly 2013 ranked UCR 2nd in the nation in its annual University and College Survey.
  • U.S. News & World Report 2013-14 ranked UCR 12thin the nation in diversity.

Learn more about UCR's rankings.

Understanding Policies

There are a number of online resources to help you become familiar with UCR and UC (or UCOP) policies. Personnel Policies for Staff Members covers policies for non-represented positions and the Online Policy Finder is a resource for both non-represented (99) and represented staff members organized by the topic and bargaining contract. Links to look up local and UC (UCOP) policies are also below.

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