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Expediting UC-sponsored Health Plan Eligibility

UC faculty and staff and their eligible dependents are covered under UC-sponsored health plans from the initial day of eligibility, provided enrollment takes place during the Period of Initial Eligibility (PIE). However, it may take up to 30 days from the date the enrollment is submitted before the medical, dental, vision and/or legal plans register the eligibility in their own membership databases.

Before going to pick up a prescription or schedule an appointment with a healthcare provider, the following instructions will help you speed up access to your benefits.

 Step 1 - Complete Online Enrollment

  1. Access (At Your Service Online).

  2. If you are adding a dependent to a health plan due to a mid-year status change, ensure that the UPAY 850 has been submitted to the Benefits Office via email at within the PIE.

Step 2 - Verify Online Enrollment

  1.  After 48 hours from initial enrollment, verify that your enrollment is in the UC system by checking (At Your Service Online) "Health and Welfare - Current Enrollments".

  2. Once your enrollment information is in the UC system, it will be available to all UC insurance carriers within 48 hours via a secure website, the UC Carrier Eligibility Website.

 Step 3 - Call Member Services

  1. Call the health plan Member Services number listed  below and identify yourself as a new member/UC employee who is calling to verify eligibility in order to access services.

    1. Ask if you are "active" in the UC insurance membership system.

    2. If you are not, ask if your enrollment can be expedited. The Customer Service Representative may need to access the UC Carrier Eligibility Website to locate your enrollment and update your membership. They may be able to complete this process while you are on the phone or they may need to call you back. Once your enrollment is in place, they will provide you with your member ID and group ID. If you are enrolling Health Net Blue & Gold be prepared to provide information on your designated primary care provider and medical group. DeltaCare USA will require you to designate a network dentist.

    3. If you need a prescription, ask the representative to inform the pharmacy unit of your eligibility.

    4. Ask the representative how long it will be before your pharmacist/doctor's office can access your new member information (it should be no more than one or two business days). When that time time frame has elapsed, you can pick up prescriptions or visit your doctor.

Member Service Numbers

Anthem Blue Cross

Delta Dental PPO

Health Net Blue & Gold

DeltaCare USA (HMO)


Vision Service Plan

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