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The impact of the current economic climate and the UC system’s budget shortfall affects us all in different ways.  We all share a critical need for timely accurate information and resources. 

Human Resources is providing HeRe to Help to assist the campus community in managing through the challenges brought on by the current economic climate.

New! The UC Systemwide Job Search Board has launched!
This single online job search board can be used by employees interested in job opportunities across the UC system.

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Your Transitioning Effort

Your Professional Social Networking

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Ten tips on using social media to build your professional network:
  1. Avoid cutting and pasting your resume - It is best to describe your experience, skills, and qualifications as you would to someone you just met.
  2.  Enhance your profile with language that markets you - Use adjectives, action verbs and and language that describes your experience and qualifications.
  3. Write a personal tagline - Create something eye-catching to describe who you are.
  4. Summarize yourself in 30 seconds or less - You’ve got 5 – 10 seconds to capture someone’s attention. The more meaningful your summary, the more time you will get from readers.
  5. Point out your skills - Use key words and industry buzzwords.  Highlight your abilities and professional interests. 
  6. Explain your experience - Help the reader grasp the clear points. Use clear, succinct phrases and break them down visually.  Use quantitative examples when appropriate.  For example, "Manage a $5.2M budget."
  7. Distinguish yourself from the crowd - Add websites to groups or organizations that showcase your abilities or passions.
  8. Ask and answer questions – This helps to establish your expertise, raise visibility, and build your social image with people in your network.
  9. Get recommendations from colleagues, clients and employers - Meaningful comments about your abilities or specific skills shapes other people’s opinion of you. Think quality, not quantity.
  10. Build your connections – Search for commonalities with other professionals. Identify connections that will add to your credibility and pursue those.

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