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For your convenience, a 2021 Open Enrollment Virtual Presentation has been created to help you if you have questions regarding any of the following highlights


UC’s premium changes for faculty and staff are moderate for the Kaiser Permanente and UC Blue and Gold HMO coverage. While the UC PPO plans will not see a rate increase, the UC contribution towards the out of pocket costs is reduced from 80% to 70%, and an increase in plan deductibles, and out of pocket maximum costs.  All HMO and PPO plans will have an increase in the copay for emergency care without hospital admittance. For detailed information, see this year's Employee Medical Plan Costs (2021).

Changes to Over the Counter Prescription for Kaiser Permanente and UC Blue and Gold HMO

There will be minor changes to eligible Over the Counter (OTC) Prescription Drugs for Kaiser Permanente and UC Blue and Gold HMO - Drugs with the same active ingredient, strength, dosage form as the prescription drug cannot be prescribed. Does not apply to insulin and tobacco cessation drugs.

UC Blue and Gold HMO

Prescription refills may be ordered 5 days in advance rather than 7 days beginning January 1, 2021 for specialty medications. Reorder timing for retail and mail order prescriptions will reduce gradually throughout 2021.

Dental PPO

Plan design changes include:

  • Replacement frequency for crowns and prosthodontics increases from once every 5 years to once every 7 years
  • Covered exams reduced from 4 per year to 2 per year
  • Crown Fusion copay increases from $50 to $150
Vision Service Plan (VSP)
The Vision Service Plan moves up to the VSP Advantage Network of providers and adds Walmart Vision Centers as an in-network provider.

ARAG Legal Plan has added Diversity and Inclusion legal services including:

  • Domestic Partnership Agreements
  • Funeral Directives
  • Hospital Visitation Authorizations
  • Gender Identifier changes to government documents
Voluntary Long Term Disability

Voluntary Long Term Disability Insurance rates increase an average of 33% (average employee cost increase of $10.50 per month).

Supplemental and Dependent Life Insurance
Employees will see a Supplemental and Dependent Life Insurance premium reduction of 7%-8%.
New! Discovery
Discovery Benefits will be the new vendor for Health and Dependent Care Flexible Spending Accounts and COBRA. Discovery Benefits will replace WageWorks; offering greater enhancements and easier claims processing.
Supplemental Health Plans

Supplemental Health Plans insurance options remain available for enrollment — Accident, Critical Illness and Hospital Indemnity plans — that pay cash benefits if you experience a covered accident, illness or hospital stay.

Please note: Supplemental Health Plans are administered by Aflac. For more information, please view the Video: Supplemental Health Plans to learn more about the benefits of each plan and enroll with Aflac. If you have questions or need assistance enrolling, contact the dedicated UCPlus customer service team at (888) 212-7201.