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Reclassification Guidelines for Business Officers

The Business Officer is operating under changing imperatives within the University environment as well as rapid changes in external environments, changes that include significant growth following an era of reduced resources, leverage and speed of technology, on-line business systems, decentralization of resource management, greater decision-making authority and accountability, increased regulatory interest and oversight, emphasis toward risk-taking and innovation.  These changes require high-level technical and managerial competencies and increase the criticality of a Business Officer’s role of administrator, resource manager, problem solver, decision-maker, negotiator, people manager, and financial control point.

Given this vital role the Business Officer has in achieving the mission of the University, it is critical that the University is able to attract, hire, and retain highly competent Business Officers. To that end, a competency model and recruitment, performance management and job evaluation guidelines and tools for Business Officers have been developed.

Reclassification Resources and Processes for Management Services Officers (MSO) and Financial and Administrative Officers (FAO)

The process by which a reclassification is determined for these business officer positions includes a committee review.  The process remains the same as for all other reclassification reviews, with the exception of the committee review at its completion.  The documentation requirements are specific in order to maintain consistency in position reviews.

  1. Reclassification Resources
    In addition to UC Personnel Policy for Staff Members, Policy 36: Classification of Positions and UCR Local Procedures 36 and the listed related policies and references, the following resources have been developed for requesting, preparing and conducting a review of a MSO or FAO position.
    1. Business Officer Essential Functions and Job Requirements
    2. Business Officer Portfolio Form
  2. Department Head Responsibility – Requesting the Review
    1. A. Identify the need for a classification review.
    2. B. Discuss with the unit’s Chief Financial Officer the reasons for the review.
    3. C. Have Business Officer complete all required position review materials; review and approve materials and submit to unit’s Chief Financial Officer with cover memo outlining the reasons for review. (The request can be initiated through iReview with the appropriate discussions taking place with the unit’s Chief Financial Officer as indicated.)
  3. Business Officer Responsibility – Preparing for the Review
    1. Define the essential functions and job requirements (skills, knowledge, competencies and abilities) of the position; complete a position description.
    2. Complete the Business Officer Portfolio Form.
    3. Submit position description and portfolio to the department head for review and approval.
  4. Chief Financial Officer Responsibility – Assessing the Review Materials
    1. Provide guidance to the department head on the review process.
    2. Review position review materials (position description, portfolio form and rationale) and forward to Human Resources via iReview system.
    3. Serve on Classification Committee.
  5. Human Resources Responsibility – Conducting the Review
    1. Determine classification of position by reviewing all materials and the Business Officer job factors, consulting with incumbent, department head and Chief Financial Officer, and conducting a comparative analysis of Business Officer positions.
    2. Submit classification recommendation to Business Officer Classification Committee.
  6. Classification Committee Responsibility – Determining the Level
    1. Committee members will include a representative from Academic Planning and Budget, Human Resources, and Internal Audit as well as the respective Chief Financial Officer. For FAO reviews, the committee is expanded to include the Chief Financial Officers from the three major academic units (BCoE, CHASS, and CNAS).
    2. Review all pertinent materials and submit a decision to the organizational unit head. If the organizational unit head disagrees with the decision, the unit head may appeal to the decision of the Executive Vice Chancellor and Provost.

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