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Business Officer Portfolio Form

The Business Officer Portfolio Form represents a list of documents and specific facts that need to be compiled for consideration for reclassifications into the Management Services Officer (MSO) and Financial and Administrative Officer (FAO) series.

  • Department/Unit Facts - Provide a departmental fact sheet (include specific facts and figures concerning the operating budget by fund source (e.g., general funds, extramural, etc.); capital budget; physical space by type (e.g., laboratory, office, other); contracts and grants; headcount/fte of staff, faculty, and undergraduate/graduate students, including other relevant information such as bargaining units, number of degree programs, types of faculty appointments, etc.)
  • Provide a list of major accomplishments within the last two years. Describe each accomplishment in terms of its complexity, scope and impact (how did it affect the department, unit, and/or campus).
  • Describe the major changes that have occurred within the last one to two years that have affected the position’s level of responsibility.
  • Provide a description of the short- and long-term administrative plans for the department. Describe the process used to develop these plans (e.g., statistical projections).
  • Position Descriptions - Prior and new position descriptions
  • Organization Chart - Attach an administrative organization chart of department. Describe the rationale for the organization.

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