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On occasion, the University provides reimbursements for certain moving expenses, depending on the situation (e.g., promotion), the employee's position, and availability of funding. Also, the University may, on occasion, provide relocation allowances to offset higher living costs in a new location, depending on the situation, the employee's position, and availability of funding.


Moving Expense Reimbursement Relocation Allowance


Moving expenses include the reasonable costs of moving household goods and personal effects to a new residence. These expenses also include the cost of travel to the new location for the eligible appointee/ employee and members of the household.

Business & Finance Bulletin G-13 should be referred to for determining moving expenses that are allowable and eligible for reimbursement.  Reimbursements can vary depending on the situation, the employee's position, and availability of funding.

Relocation Allowances may be provided to individuals recruited for the following positions: Senior Managers, Managers, and Senior Professionals. This allowance is unlike moving expense reimbursement in that it does not intend to reimburse all costs, but merely offset higher living costs during the span of a monthly payment over four years. Refer to UCR local procedure 650-32 for a comprehensive procedural description on how to transact the relocation allowance.



New staff and Transferring Staff must meet the below criteria in order to be eligible for a moving expense reimbursement. Business & Finance Bulletin G-13 should be reviewed for a comprehensive understanding of eligibility requirements.

New staff: The new appointee must have been hired for a non-academic position that requires specialized training or experience of a technical, professional, or administrative nature. The new appointee must reside 50 miles outside of the newly appointed job location in which he or she is moving.

Transferring staff: Current UC employee who is required to transfer or accepts a position, including a position at the same or lower grade, at a campus outside a reasonable commuting distance of 50 miles.

  • Requires reviewing of special policy of inter-campus transfer.

Showing active status in the payroll system prior to reimbursement of moving expenses.

New staff must meet the below criteria in order to be eligible for a relocation allowance upon the arrival to the area in which they will relocate. Business & Finance Bulletin G-13 should be reviewed for a comprehensive understanding of eligibility requirements.

New staff: The appointee must be a new hire and meet all specific determinative criteria:

  • Eligibility is limited to individuals who, at the time of recruitment, are not employed by the University and who reside outside the State of California.
  • Qualified for and has accepted and intends to fulfill his or her new appointment for at least one year from the date the appointment commences.
  • Relocating his or her primary residence in order to accept the new appointment that is outside of 50 miles of reasonable commuting distance

Provided to individuals recruited for Senior Managers, Managers, and Senior Professionals.


Step 1: Inform

  • Ensure that they are advised by the hiring department about BFB-G-13 Policy and the local UCR policy on Moving and Relocation Expenses 650-32
  • Do not allow employee to enter into a contract with a non-UCR carrier inform about contracted household good carriers

Step 2: Make Travel Arrangements

  • The employee should work with department to initiate travel plans and make arrangements for family
  • To initiate arrangement for moving items, the hiring department must initiate a purchasing requisition online. Prepare the purchase requisition at least 30 days prior to the move.
  • Contact Material Management to initiate moving process

Step 3: Reimbursement

  • Reimbursement of allowable travel costs will be made upon the submission of a Travel Expense Voucher by the employee to the department.
  • The department will submit voucher to Accounting for processing
  • The employee must maintain all receipts, including: airline, lodging, car, meals, gifts more than $75, or miscellaneous expenses.

Accounting will process the voucher, approve of reimbursable costs, and charge the department the amount to be reimbursed to the employee

Step 1: Department requests relocation assistance from organization

Step 2: Organization approves and sends to employee’s departmental payroll coordinator for processing.

Step 3: Payroll processor must set up appropriate title codes and appointments to ensure distribution of monthly relocation allowances for new employee.

Additional Notes


  • UCR prefers air travel over car travel. Car travel will only be permitted for health related or extraneous circumstances.
  • No additional storage costs will be reimbursed by the University.
  • The employee should directly contact the carrier for any questions regarding damaged or misplaced items that are not allowable expenses and file a claim
    • Note: the University does provide insurance for allowable moving expenses up to 3-4 dollars times the weight, but the employee must prove the value of that item and the damage should not be concealed damage incurred by the employee while packing.

Refer to UCR Local Procedure

650-32 for full procedures.


  • UCR does not allow for transferring staff to be eligible for relocation allowances since they are employed by the university during relocation.
    • Relocation allowances are included in the employee’s gross income as taxable wages.
    • The Relocation allowance may not exceed 25 percent of the SMG’s starting base salary. If a hiring bonus is set forth, the relocation allowance may not exceed a combined 30 percent with the hiring bonus.

Refer to UCR Local Procedure 650-32 for full procedures.

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