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The Making Excellence Inclusive (MEI) Certificate Program, a foundational part of the Chancellor’s Diversity Education Program, is a six-month program in which participants learn about the complexities of UCR’s diversity challenges. Program participants research, analyze and apply their new knowledge to actual situations in the UCR work environment and develop capstone projects designed for immediate or near-term implementation. To date, more than a dozen individual projects have been created by MEI graduates and many already have been integrated into the campus culture. It is a rare opportunity to meet and collaborate with coworkers from across the University. The program includes:

  • Workshops – led by leading authorities representing a broad cross section of diversity topics
  • Discussions Sessions – participants share their thoughts on the discussion topics
  • Outside Readings – to enrich the understanding of the topics discussed in the workshops
  • Capstone Projects – create a practical application of the concepts; develop an innovative project that will expand knowledge on a selected diversity topic
  • Project Presentation – demonstration of participants understanding of the Making Excellence Inclusive Program
MEI Web Course Overview
Program Orientation – November 1, 2016

This session details the value of diversity at UCR and provides a comprehensive understanding of all program elements and performance expectations.

Diversity Primer – December 6, 2016

This workshop serves as an anchor to the Diversity Certificate Program by providing an introduction to concepts that will set the context for the sessions that follow. We will explore competing concepts of diversity, develop a meaningful explanation of diversity, define cultural competence, and explore the significance of UCR’s Principles of Community.

  • Brittnee Meitzenheimer
    EE/AA & Diversity Programs Representative
    University of California, Riverside
  • Dr. Yolanda Moses
    Professor of Anthropology
    University of California, Riverside
Using Identity to Create Courageous Conversations – January 10, 2017

This session will assist participants in establishing a clear understanding of the role that identity plays in each of our lives. That knowledge will allow the group to move from cultural competency to cultural humility while also learning to engage in "brave space" conversations.


  • Leela MadhavaRau
    Associate Dean of Campus Diversity and Inclusion
    University of Redlands
Opportunities & Challenges of Intercultural Communication – February 7, 2017

Explore the challenges that people face in communicating across cultures. What opportunities does diversity provide for contemporary leaders? These and other intercultural themes will be addressed.


  • Dr. Carlos Cortes
    Professor of History, Emeritus
    University of California, Riverside
Sustain Excellence Through Diversity and Avoid Legal Risk – March 7, 2017

Hiring, educating, and supporting employees are the keys to avoiding employment litigation. Learn how to provide an inclusive work place while managing risk, encouraging excellence through diversity, and steering clear of legal pitfalls.


  • Leslie VanHouten
    Senior Counsel
    University of California, Riverside
  • Shondella McClellan Reed
    Counsel Labor and Employment
    Office of General Counsel, UC Office of the President
“The Scene": An Intersectional Look at Race, Culture and Queer Identity – April 4, 2016

This interactive dialogue and cultural immersion of the “the scene” — an affectionate term referring to the culture and subculture of LGBTQ communities of color — will challenge audience members to courageously examine their own biases, step into the world of LGBTQ folk of color, to gain a deeper insight to the roles racism, homophobia, sexual-shaming and the HIV/AIDS epidemic has had on “the scene” for LGBTQ youth in America.


  • Gabriel Maldonado
    Founder and CEO
Presentation Skills Workshop – May 2, 2017

This workshop will provide program participants with the necessary skills to conduct an effective presentation of a culturally diverse nature. Participants will learn how to establish their credibility as a presenter, present material in a clear manner and use their body language to instill confidence.


  • Seana Nuñez-Grider
    Human Resources
    University of California, Riverside
Project Presentations and Graduation – May 23, 2017
MEI Web How to Apply
  1. Check to ensure you meet the Eligibility Requirements (see below)
  2. This program is delivered over a six-month period and requires classroom and group project meeting time. Please be sure that you and your supervisor are willing to make the necessary commitment for successful completion of the program.
  3. Complete the application and submit to Brittnee Meitzenheimer, Affirmative Action and Education Specialist at
    • Please check back for the next Call for Applications 
    • Download the application

      • Download/save as a PDF to your desktop, fill out the form and submit

Eligible participants must have:

  • Completed their probationary period
  • Endorsement for participation from their department
  • There is no fee to participate in this program.
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