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Performance Appraisal Guidelines for Business Officer Positions

The performance appraisal process for Business Officers on the Riverside Campus is based on two fundamental aspects of the job.  The first is the essential functions to be performed and the second is the application of the core competencies in the performance of those functions.

Eight essential functions have been identified for business officer positions. One or more of the functions may not be applicable in a particular unit.

Guidelines for the Administration of the Performance Appraisal

Performance appraisals are intended as a means of measuring individual performance, developing performance goals, fostering professional development and career growth, aiding in the determination of merit increases, and meeting the internal and external demands for documentation of individual performance.

Performance Appraisal Procedure

The formal performance appraisal procedure shall include the following steps:

  1. Planning Process
    At the beginning of each evaluation period, employee and supervisor review the employee's major job’s essential functions, management’s performance expectations, and establish job-related goals and objectives for the evaluation period. The specific elements of the planning process should include the following:
    1. Supervisor reviews previous performance appraisal, essential functions and competencies, and other relevant materials.
    2. Goals and objectives for the next evaluation period are established. Management’s expectations are defined.
  2. Informal Progress Meetings
    Supervisor and employee meet periodically throughout the year to discuss and reassess the employee's progress towards achieving goals and objectives and meeting management's performance expectations or need for possible modification.
  3. The Performance Appraisal
    1. Employee will complete the self-statement.
    2. Supervisor is encouraged to obtain performance feedback from offices that would have first-hand knowledge of the employee’s performance.
    3. Supervisor reviews the established job-related goals and objectives, employee's self-statement, essential functions and competencies, and other relevant materials.
    4. Supervisor writes an appraisal of the employee’s performance.
    5. Supervisor and employee discuss the written assessment and make plans for training and development to enhance performance and professional development.
  4. Forwarding the File
    1. Each organizational unit is responsible for ensuring written appraisals are completed annually and maintained in the appropriate office


Following are brief instructions for completing the appraisal form.  The appraisal should summarize performance that has occurred throughout the evaluation period.

  1. Job Function and Competency Review
    The appraisal form lists the six competency clusters and asks the supervisor to rate how the incumbent has applied those competencies in accomplishing the essential functions. A complete description of each cluster may be found on the HR web site at and supervisors may find the language useful in developing comments. The performance appraisal form has been formatted into a matrix with the essential functions listed at the left and the competency clusters across the top.
  2. Performance Review
    Rate how the employee has applied the competencies in each of the clusters in the performance of the essential functions.
  3. Overall Appraisal of Performance
    Indicate the employee's overall level of performance.
  4. Comments Supporting the Overall Appraisal
    Explain any appraisal which exceeds or falls short of the objective. Written documentation including examples or work samples should be provided.
  5. Employee Comments
    The employee may provide comments concerning the appraisal or the process
  6. Signatures
    1. The employee's signature indicates the appraisal has been discussed with the employee.
    2. The supervisor should sign the evaluation after the performance appraisal has been conducted.
    3. If the department head is not the supervisor, signature is required to indicate acceptance of review.
  7. Planning Process/Job-Related Goals and Objectives
    Identify future objectives for job performance, major activities and the corresponding time frame for meeting those objectives.
  8. Self-Statement by Employee
    Prior to the supervisor completing the performance appraisal, the employee should complete the self-statement.

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